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The Show

Asia continent has always inspired rest of the world with its unique culture and roots in human origin. With the word Asia; you’ll be probably thinking of nature and culture.

You don’t need to go to the other side of the world to discover the earthly Asian feeling: Asia Fashion Week Europe brings Asia to Europe.
Asia Fashion Week Europe is an each-year-returning fashion & art event. Asia Fashion Week Europe/Arnhem is held in the last weekend of November/2017. Asia Fashion Week Europe/Istanbul is held in May/2018.

Asia Fashion Week Europe’s vision is giving designers that are inspired by Asia platform in Arnhem and Istanbul. It’s not a necessity for designers or artists to be from Asian origin to attend. They can just be inspired or have influence of Asian nature/people/food/culture/lifestyle/color/textiles or history. It’s really about the feeling and influence of Asia. A lot of known fashion brands and designers are influenced by Asian colors, textiles, lifestyle or nature. It’s very visible by their collection or art piece, sometimes not even admitting it.

The most common problem is that designers and artists can’t attend international fashion events because of high registration fees. This is because fashion organizations would like to make a profit of this business. Other problems are that designers/artists can’t produce their work or bring their ideas to the market.

Me, as director of Asia Fashion Week Europe, and business partners, have started a follow-up project to solve these challenges and be accessible to artists and designers.

First, they will get a free attendance for Asia Fashion Week Europe/Arnhem:
● In Arnhem they will get a platform to show their work. This is how they will get a catwalk and event experience in the amazing worldly city; Arnhem, a great ideal place for their portfolio and networking. Second, we are giving them a platform in the worldly fashion city; Istanbul/TURKEY.

● Designers and artists will get a giant publication, high level platform and live tv broadcast at FashionTV Istanbul.

● During their stay they will get a guided tour of Istanbul, visit and information days at textile factories, fashion production factories, leather factories and;

● A conference with the ministry of Economics & Affairs

● And; a broad advice of the pr/marketing team of Asia Fashion Week Europe/Istanbul.



The Big or Eusebius Church in Arnhem is a typical late Gothic church, which was built between 1452 and approx. 1570. The church is situated exactly where a Roman church, dedicated to the Saint Martinus, was once situated in the 9th century, literally and figuratively in the centre of the old, medieval Arnhem.

In the 15th century, the church- and city councillors of Arnhem decided to build a larger, more representative church. In 1452 the construction of the late-gothic church was started. In 1453, the abbey in Prüm handed the relics of the Saint Eusebius to the Arnhem Parish Church. For this reason it was decided to name the new church after Eusebius. Due to repeated setbacks, amongst others financial ones, the construction was only completed more than one century later. One of the big promoters of the church, Duke van Gelre, was buried in the Eusebius. His tomb on the chancel still is an important attraction.

By the end of the 16th century the church became Protestant, which influenced its interior considerably. Statues, altars, frescos were removed. By the end of the 19th century the church was in a bad condition. It required a restoration which would take 36 years. By the year 1930 the church was largely renovated.

On the site of the present building initially stood a church dedicated to St. Martinus but after some relics of St. Eusebius arrived in the town during the early part of the 15th century, it was decided to build a new church dedicated to the saint at the old site. This new structure gradually replaced the old building over the next century, commencing when Arnold, Duke of Egmond laid the first stone in 1452.


"Success is the result of your dream, passion, perfectionism, hard work, learn from your mistakes, positive thinking and perseverance." The Fashion Man

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